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Fast-Air currently has Fixed Wireless Internet in the Caspian, Caspian Cutoff Road, Gaastra including Nowicki Road, majority of Stambaugh, parts of Iron River, Baumgartner District, and other rural areas.
(Coverage varies depending on hills and heavy foliage)

Below are links to viewshed maps for the various Access Points that are currently implemented in the rural areas.
Please note that views do not take into account the trees in your area.
However, it is a good estimation of the coverage for Fast-Air Internet Service. Fast-Air will perform a site test to verify operation before installation.

Coverage is denoted by the dark shaded areas on map and assumes a customer unit height of 20 feet above ground. Coverage can be extended with higher height for customer unit utilizing TV towers, poles, or even trees.

These viewshed maps are provided by White Water Associates of Amasa, MI

Note: Images in the following links may take awhile to load with dialup connections.

Stambaugh, Caspian, & Gaastra (Caspian TV Tower)
Iron River Township (Rosetti Road Water Tower)
Bates Township (Fast-Air Tower)
Amasa (Crystal Falls Township Water Tower - Townline Rd)
Chicaugon & Indian Lake (Chicaugon Lake Tower)
Hagerman Lake (Hagerman Lake Tower)
Swan Lake Area (CF Township Radio Tower)
Sunset Lake (Sunset Lake Tower)
Golden Lake (Golden Lake Tower)
Fortune Lake / Idlewild (Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp Tower)
Newald, WI (Cleereman Tower)
Camp Lake (Camp Lake Tower)
Beechwood (Malmquist Tower)
Alvin (Sydney Rd. Tower)
Tipler (Easement Rd. Tower)
Nelma (Howe Rd. Tower)
Long Lake (Settlement Rd. Tower)

If you do not see coverage below, check out these other WISPs in neighboring areas working with us